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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. Do you have any TBI resident vacancies?
  3. Do you maintain a TBI waiting list?
  4. What are the funding sources?
  5. What types of therapies are offered to TBI residents?
  6. Do residents participate in the outside community?
  7. How are you licensed?
  8. Will my loved one ever be like they were before their injury?
  9. What is your core philosophy?
  10. Where are you located?

Answer 1:

Windsor Place strives to provide a supportive living environment for brain-injured adults to relearn lost skills and rediscover a quality of life. Skilled staff assist residents with their growth in a safe, non-judgmental, warm and welcoming environment, free of many of the stresses of trying to maintain independence in a non-brain injured environment.

Answer 2:

Vacancies do not occur very often, as people enjoy living at Windsor Place and our individualized TBI rehabilitation programs tend to be long-term, but they do occur.

Answer 3:

Yes, waiting lists are maintained for TBI residential openings. It is important to note that admissions may not be made strictly in order. For example, if a female spot is available and the person on the top of the list is male, the next available female would be offered the opening.

Answer 4:

Windsor Place accepts private-pay, Medicare and Medicaid (enhanced contract only), as well as a variety of insurances.

Answer 5:

Windsor Place offers individually tailored cognitive, behavioral, occupational and physical therapies in a supportive environment for TBI residents. These therapies are supported by licensed therapists and the medical community.

Answer 6:

Many opportunities to participate are offered throughout the community including outings, special events, parties, field trips, religious, educational, employment and sporting events.

Answer 7:

Windsor Place is licensed as a Specialized Adult Foster Care program by Northwest Senior and Disability Services. We are inspected by them regularly and enjoy an excellent reputation and working relationship with this quality organization.

Answer 8:

It is difficult to predict how well a person will recover from a traumatic brain injury. Your loved one’s progress will depend on many things, how hard they are willing to work, the severity of the injury and what parts of the brain have been affected. They will be given every opportunity to maximize their independence by a caring and qualified staff.

Answer 9:

At Windsor Place we strive to treat each person we come in contact with…resident, staff, family member, volunteer, medical community, vendor, and community member….with the same kindness and sense of value. Our core standards of integrity, respect and dignity, apply equally to all. Blessed with an incredible staff, Windsor Place is committed to helping each and every TBI resident achieve their greatest quality of life in a warm, comforting, uplifting and safe environment.

Answer 10:

Our TBI residential campus is located in Salem, Oregon.