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Admissions Criteria for Windsor Place

Windsor Place, Inc.

Windsor Place is a Salem, Oregon residential facility specializing in TBI care with a strong commitment to rehabilitative goals designed to enable adults with traumatic brain injuries to achieve their highest level of personal independence in a stable and caring setting.

The main goal for each resident of Windsor Place is for the staff to assist each person in their care program in order to reach their maximum level of independence. It is hoped that once the resident has completed a program that has been designed for them, they will move to a lower level of care in either a more independent adult foster home setting or, possibly, be able to get their own apartment.

Windsor Place cannot guarantee that all residents will move on to total independence but we can provide residents suffering from a traumatic brain injury a safe, caring, and compassionate environment in which to thrive along with others who are afflicted with a similar set of challenges, and the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.


  1. Primary cause of admission: Traumatic Brain Injury. No potential resident lower than 4 or 5 on the Rancho Los Amigos Scale.

  2. Resident (or guardian) must sign an agreement that he or she is willing to participate in the re-training program to include: activities, therapies, behavioral interventions or any and all subsequent revisions to that program that is deemed necessary and made a part of the Plan of Care.

  3. Willing to sign and abide by the House Rules.

  4. Windsor Place is a smoke free facility. No smoking is permitted on campus by residents or staff members.

  5. Medical marijuana is only allowed at Windsor Place in pill form.

  6. Resident must be willing to sign that they will work the specific rehabilitation contract tailored for them, with the understanding that the failure to do so will constitute a 30-day eviction notice.

  7. Resident will agree that Windsor Place has the right to determine room and/or house changes according to the progress and abilities of the prospective resident.

Licensing and Standards

Windsor Place is classified as a "Special Adult Foster Home" and fully licensed through NorthWest Senior and Disabilities Services. The Oregon Department of Human Services has granted Windsor Place a Special Needs Contract for Traumatic Brain Injured Adults. The facility is required to have regular health and safety inspections to pass stringent regulations and standards and enjoys an excellent reputation and standing on many levels.